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Bird Service brings together broad musical influences (indie, rock, funk, reggae) with the rhythms of Brazil and latin infused horns. Their music combines hooky melodies with driving rhythms in songs that reflect on life, love and the modern world. The band grew from the Rabo de Foguete carnival band as a platform or original composition.  A first album, ...More or Less, was released in 2021.


Bird Service is a space for collaborating with a range of musicians and the band is currently working on material for Rabo de Foguete's new street show, the King of Rust.

... More or Less

Bird Service's first album, '... more or less', was released on 6th December 2021 (on all major platforms), containing 10 original songs.  Five of the songs had a first outing with the Rabo de Foguete carnival band, before the band split up in 2018. You can listen to the album on Spotify and Bandcamp (player below).

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