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Bird Service is a new musical adventure, a space for new music, developing a new band and collaborating with other musicians. 


The first album, '... more or less', will be released on 6th December 2021 (on all major platforms). Containing 10 original songs, all written over the last four years, the album combines Marcus' eclectic musical roots with the Brazilian rhythms he loves.  Five of the songs had a first outing with Rabo de Foguete, before the band split up in 2018.

Marcus says, "It has kind of taken me 36 years to make this album, from when I first seriously picked up a guitar and banged out Stranglers tunes in a bothy in the Outer Hebrides, in 1985. There have been lots of musical manifestations and collaborators since then, not least 10 amazing years with Rabo de Foguete, but I only finished a song for the first time in 2017, and have been writing solidly since then. I think it has been particularly inspired by reconnecting with the folk music world, via Bromyard Folk Festival, and finding something in that experience to galvanise my songwriting."

A first single from the album, "Ready for the Real Thing", is now on release and can be heard on Spotify and Bandcamp.

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